How Instagram and TikTok made everyone a content creator

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Remember the days when you normally needed a whole production team to create one short video? Sure, they were great, but they also cost accordingly. And a lot had to be covered. A concept, a script, cameras, filming, timing, editing, graphics, and yeah, you get the picture.

Today, all you need is your smartphone. With platforms like TikTok and Instagram, you not only have a huge potential audience, but you also basically have your own production company in your phone. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t and let us tell you how it works. 

Technological advances have made our smartphone cameras almost just as good as actual cameras (depending on your camera) when it comes to recording videos. People tend to appreciate the more “homemade” content in that sense that a video of higher quality can feel too commercial, and the so-called homemade content feels more authentic. 

TikToks and Instagram Reels have shown that this is more than true. The normal way to record a video is with your smartphone and since everyone does it, why not do it yourself? 

So, now that you filmed your video, what’s next? First off, you have your speed. Here you can speed it up five times the normal speed or you can use the slow-motion effect. 

Second, you have your “beauty” filters. It is up to you if you want to use them or not. It can make quite a change from how you look in real life. 

Use stunning filters to create a far more appealing video. You can use simple filters to give your video a new look or use special effects to filter your video.

You could also make a cool slideshow with a ton of pictures or add photos to your video content. There are a lot of cool transition effects to make your photos stand out.  

One of the funniest parts is the effects. You have tons of effects to choose from. You can do almost anything from turning yourself into a dog to dying your hair pink or any color you like. 

Sound and Music 
The Holy Grail of any Instagram Reel or TikTok is the sound. Both apps let you add sound and music to your videos. You have the option to effectively combine your videos and photos with music from well-known artists to those less-known just waiting to be discovered. It is not only music you can add, but you can also add any sound you like. Maybe you want to add a famous movie quote?  A great way to get your video to go more viral is to use trending sounds. Check out a few reels or TikTok’s to see what is trending right now. 

With all these new features it is no wonder that the days of the production company are coming to an end. Many of the biggest companies are already doing it. Check out Amazon or NBA for example. Being on Instagram reels and TikTok offers an opportunity to reach younger audiences and increase brand awareness in a highly playful environment. But succeeding on these apps you need to create exciting content — so prepare to put your creative hat on and experiment with new formats. 

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Olivia Carloni, Junior Digital Marketing Specialist, Flowbox