Review site Trustpilot and UGC company Flowbox launch new integration ​

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The visual marketing platform Flowbox and the review site Trustpilot entered a partnership in March this year with the aim of creating a joint solution, in order to improve the user experience for their mutual clients and their customers. The first steps are now accomplished, and an integration between both platforms is being tested by the first clients. The integration will allow companies to display product review scores in combination with product images, names and prices in the popups generated through Flowbox. As a result, site visitors will be able to see the Trustpilot ratings available for each product that is displayed in Flowbox’s UGC flows. This will increase the trustworthiness onsite.

“This additional function will allow you as a brand to add another layer of social proof to your UGC and thereby convert more of your visitors into customers. Especially right now when we see an increase in online shoppers and online suppliers, it’s important to show that your brand is trustworthy. Reviews play a big part in the buying journey of consumers,” says Serdal Sayar, Partnership Manager at Flowbox.

To use the new feature, both a Flowbox account and a Trustpilot account with product reviews enabled is required. Trustpilot customers who are already collecting product reviews and have a Flowbox account will be able to connect both services directly within Flowbox without additional costs or coding.

The Dutch furniture and interior company Sfeer is one of the first companies to use the new feature:

“Thanks to the possibility to display product reviews in our inspiring user-generated content photos, the last bit of doubt that the customer might have is taken away. An asset to our webshop," says Bjorn Venema at Sfeer.

For more information on next steps, existing clients are advised to reach out to their point of contact in respective company. Companies who don’t have a Flowbox or Trustpilot account and want more information on how to get started are advised to contact Serdal Sayer, Partnership Manager at Flowbox:

See the integration at

Serdal Sayar, Partnership Manager, Flowbox:
Sarah Bacchetti, Partner Manager Nordics, Trustpilot:

About Trustpilot and Flowbox
Trustpilot was founded in 2007 and is today a global site with over 71 million reviews written about over 330 000 companies worldwide. Through the platform, companies are able to view and respond to reviews and add their star-ranking to their website, thus turning consumer feedback to actionable insights. Flowbox is a visual marketing platform that enables companies to use content created by their customers in social media, user-generated content (UGC), throughout the buyer journey. The companies joined forces in a partnership in March 2020 with the purpose of creating a better user experience for their mutual clients and their customers by combining their technologies, knowledge and data.