UGC technology improves community feeling for Tilburg University

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UGC platform provider Flowbox teams up with the Dutch digital marketing agency Fingerspitz. The first campaign with Tilburg University will be launched soon, to help increase the community feeling at campus.

Swedish SaaS company Flowbox, which has developed a platform for collecting and distributing user generated content (UGC), partners up with the digital marketing agency Fingerspitz from the Netherlands. Fingerspitz is a full digital agency that helps companies on their digital journey. Through the partnership, Fingerspitz will be able to meet the needs of their customers to a greater extent. The first shared campaign with Tilburg University is already planned to go live shortly.

“We’re very excited about the partnership with Fingerspitz. They are a well known agency that always aims to deliver the best experience to their clients. It's an honour to be one of the few technologies that Fingerspitz believes can bring their client base to the next step,” says Serdal Sayar, Partnership Manager at Flowbox.

Tilburg University is a good example of a possible collaboration between both parties. Tilburg University is already using Flowbox and the services of Fingerspitz. These forces could be combined in the future, to lead to impressive campaigns and results.

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Serdal Sayar, Partnership Manager, Flowbox