Vlada Ivankova new Head of Product at Flowbox

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UGC platform provider Flowbox has recruited Vlada Ivankova, formerly Product Management Team Lead at Detectify, as the new Head of Product.

UGC platform provider Flowbox has recruited Vlada Ivankova, formerly Product Management Team Lead at Detectify, as the new Head of Product. Swedish SaaS company Flowbox is expanding its product team with Vlada Ivankova as the new Head of Product. Vlada Ivankova, born and raised in Russia and based in Stockholm since 2015, has worked in various product management roles at companies like Betsson Group and Wrike during the last 8 years, focusing mainly on B2B and SaaS products. She most recently came from a role as Product Management Team Lead at the web security company Detectify.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Vlada to the team,” says Marcus Carloni, CEO at Flowbox. “Vlada’s knowledge and experience will help us strengthen our product team and take it to the next level. The new product organization with Vlada as Head of Product will benefit us both internally and our clients. It ensures that we can continue developing products of high quality and build a scalable product and tech organization that will facilitate our expansion. The timing is perfect as we’re at a stage in our journey where her role will have a big impact on the organization."

As Head of Product, Vlada will be managing a team of product managers and UI/UX designers and lead the strategic development and management of Flowbox’s platform. The recruitment of Vlada is a crucial step in building a better and more structured product organization, where feedback from the customers will become a more important part of the development process.

“Our plan is to become better at product discovery and work in a more strategic way. Ensuring that we build the right features for our customers’ needs and clearly define for whom and for which purpose we’re building our product is going to be key. Involving our customers in the development process will be an important step to achieve that. Ultimately, we’ll take a more organized approach than before,” says Vlada Ivankova.

Vlada started her new position in September. The humble and flat work culture and the journey of growing from a startup to a scaleup that Flowbox is currently on are some things that attracted her to the company.

“Flowbox has an interesting product and is also on an exciting path. What we do today will have a major impact on the future and our product tomorrow. But there’s also a fantastic spirit in the team and an openness and willingness to learn and become better, as well as an understanding that things might change as we continue to grow.”

The key to developing a product that is constantly relevant for its target audience, and in the forefront of its industry is having a deep understanding of the customer, says Vlada.

“You always have to think outside the box and ask yourself ‘How else can we solve this problem?’ But it’s not always about doing what the customer requests straight away, it’s about understanding what the customer wants to achieve and finding a solution to it. To do that you have to ask a lot of questions and in general be a very curious person.”

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