Flowscape grows in France

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A multinational North American technology company expands its Flowscape installation with new smart features. The order value is SEK 300,000 in the first year and thereafter SEK 100,000 annually

“We have the pleasure of growing with the customer into several countries. At the Paris office, we will complement our installation with indoor positioning, so that employees can search and find  colleagues in the office, and also parking space booking, which is a new Flowscape function. We are very pleased that our client is confident to expand our collaboration with new solutions”, says Anders Malmström, VP Sales & Marketing, Flowscape.

A strong driving force for the customer has been the creation of an efficient ‘office life’ for their employees. In Flowscape they have found an innovative and modern solution that enhances employees' experience within their new flexible workplace. The ability to measure the utilisation of the office spaces has been critical to be able to optimize both furniture numbers and the size of the offices in the future.

Flowscape’s deployed solution includes room panels, room booking and workplace management. Sensors in meeting rooms provide improved functionality but also knowledge of the office's utilization rate. With the new functionality employees can also search to locate their colleagues and get dynamic wayfinding at the office. Meeting rooms, workplaces, parking spaces and key office resources are all visualized on Flowscape's interactive map, Flowmap, which can be accessed via mobile phone, laptop and on kiosk touchscreens. The solution also includes a powerful statistics tool, Flowmanager, which enables the client to undertake detailed analysis of their office spaces.

For additional information, please contact: 

Anders Malmström
VP Sales & Marketing
Cellphone: +46 70 664 30 31 
E-mail: anders.malmstrom@flowscapesolutions.com

About Flowscape Technology AB

Flowscape is a Prop-Tech company with a world-leading solution for social distancing in the office, optimization of office space and a more efficient workday. The solution uses the latest IoT sensors and indoor positioning technology to create a state of the art SaaS solution for smart offices. The main function, Flowmap, gives companies an overview of the office and enables them to quickly find rooms, desks, office equipment and colleagues as well as analysis of the use of the spaces. Flowscape also has a communication tool for efficient geo fence specific communication to people in a building or people within an area in the event of a crisis. Flowscape has offices in Stockholm (headquarters), Sofia, San Francisco and London.

For more information, please visit  www.flowscapesolutions.com



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