Flowscape’s products displayed as future solutions in the US

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For the first time ever, both Flowscape products (smart office solution & C-One) are to be delivered as a joint offer. The customer is a well-established American construction company that will showcase the products for large customers in the US big industry segment.

The US company is active in the construction of industrial factories, buildings as well as being consultants in the energy industry. Now, the company will build an innovation lab in a major US city where future smart office and smart building technology will be displayed for their customers in the American industry segment.

The company has chosen Flowscape as the provider of both a smart office solution (the Flowscape product) and a communication platform for large workplaces (C-One) for the upcoming innovation lab.

Particularly C-One is of interest to the company in order to demonstrate a system for communicating with employees in factories where the risk of incidents or accidents is high. Depending on the scenario, C-One can be used differently:

  • -Tier 1: General information distribution to staff (facility announcements/news)
  • -Tier 2: Lighter incidents that are important to inform staff about (e.g. something was on fire, but the incident is cleared – spreading information about the resulting smoke)
  • -Tier 3: Time-critical information to selected groups or entire staff (external or internal incidents that lead to evacuation needs or other critical actions of a similar nature)

For Flowscape, this delivery means wide exposure with the entire product range to a range of large companies the US industry segment. The value of this first delivery is 15 000 US dollars.