Large Swedish mining company orders C-One

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Flowscape has received an order, for the C-One crisis communication tool, from one of Sweden's largest mining companies. Together with Ricoh and Flowscape, the customer is building their future digital office concept, where C-One is intended to be the solution for mobile-based crisis communication. This first order is for one of the customer's offices and has a value of 200,000 SEK over the contract length of 42 months.

“Finally, it feels like we've found the right product packaging for C-One, which is now a part of Flowscape’s smart-office solution. With this order, the customer rolls out C-One in the building where their new digital office concept is evaluated and fine-tuned. When this is done, the customer plans to roll out this solution to all their offices, which creates a great potential for Flowscape.” says CEO and founder Peter Reigo.

Together with Flowscape, Ricoh has been assigned to deliver a modern crisis communication solution. C One is part of a concept to reach all employees within seconds in the event of an incident. From the C-One's web tool, the Central Guard can send a message to all digital signages and interactive white boards in an area, while everyone in the area also receives an alarm signal on their mobile phone along with a priority SMS. They will then immediately know if it is a fire alarm or a gas alarm, as well as what to do in the current scenario. Throughout the crisis management, C-One will be used for keeping the employees informed as well as for operational communication within the crisis team. The C-One solution is also used to detect if there are anyone still in the building after the evacuation.

If someone gets injured during work they can press the alarm button and C-One will notify the central guard with who is injured and the person’s location.

The delivery is being conducted together with Flowscape's partner Ricoh.

For additional information, please contact: 

Peter Reigo
CEO, Flowscape
Cellphone: +46 (0) 70 942 4687

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Flowscape is "the modern office flowmaker". By offering state-of-the-art IoT technology, Flowscape reduces time-consuming and increases peer interaction and productivity. The main function, Flowmap, gives companies an overview of the office and enables you to quickly find rooms, desks, office equipment and colleagues. Flowscape also has the communication tool C-One, a flexible platform for managing large-scale communication based on existing infrastructure. Flowscape has offices in Stockholm (main office) and London. 

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