Multinational client of Flowscape starts global rollout

A large international telecommunications company will roll out Flowscape’s solution globally to six offices on four continents, while also expanding the solution to cover the entirety of the company’s main campus in Stockholm.

The telecom company has provided orders for installing Flowscape’s solution at offices in Germany, UK, Hungary, UAE, USA and India. Discussions are also taking place to roll out the solution in the fall of 2018 to further international offices.

The total order value for hardware, installation and software licenses in this first phase is SEK 6 million. As the number of active users exceeds the 3000 licenses the telecom company has already purchased, additional software licenses will be purchased. Including these installations, the solution will be available to approximately 14 000 employees within the Group globally.

The telecom company, having used Flowscape’s solution in parts of their main office in Stockholm since 2017, will also roll out the solution to the remaining parts of the same office, which means that the Flowscape system will be used on a surface covering a total of 160,000 square meters.

” We are very excited to see this international rollout of the Flowscape system. It is a great acknowledgement of the solution’s scalability and user friendliness” says Peter Reigo, Flowscape CEO. 

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Flowscape is "the modern office flowmakers". By offering state-of-the-art IoT technology, Flowscape reduces time-consuming and increases peer interaction and productivity. The main function, Flowmap, gives companies an overview of the office and enables you to quickly find rooms, desks, office equipment and colleagues. Flowscape also has the communication tool C-One, a flexible platform for managing large-scale communication based on existing infrastructure. Flowscape has a strong customer base with over 100 customers, of which more than 25 are multinational companies such as Telenor, Telia and Kinnarps. Partners include Atea, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Cisco and Ricoh. With offices in Stockholm and London, the team of Flowmakers is continuously growing. During the winter of 2018, Flowscape merged with Crowdsoft and became a listed company on Swedish trading venue Spotlight. Flowscape Technology ABArne Beurlings Torg 9, 164 40 Kista, Stockholm, Sweden+46 (0) 8 409 112 22