Fluicell AB is extremely pleased to announce the approval from the USPTO, of Patent No. 9,658,240, entitled “Microfluidic device with holding interface, and methods of use”. This is the second patent approved for their transformational BioPen product line, which facilitates complex cell biology experiments at single-cell level, at affordable prices. This approval gives further recognition to the Fluicell team as innovation leaders, and solution providers for cell biology research and discovery tools for the 21st century.

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About Fluicell

Fluicell is an exciting Swedish high-tech company that brings inspiration and innovation to life science researchers around the globe. Fluicell provides innovative tools with outstanding performance, redefining approaches within; cell biology, bioprinting, and secondary drug screening and discovery. Fluicell strives for technology solutions which are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and that ultimately reduces costs, resource use, and animals. Fluicell’s main target sectors include universities, the pharmaceutical industry, and national health laboratories. 


About Us

Based in Gothenburg Sweden, Fluicell is a company that has commercialized a product portfolio to study single cells, primarily in the field of drug development. Fluicell’s existing products are the research tools Biopen® and Dynaflow® Resolve, which today allow researchers to investigate the effects of drugs on individual cells at a unique level of detail. As a further development of Fluicell's existing product portfolio, the company has developed a unique high-resolution bioprinting technology in both 2D and 3D under the name Biopixlar®. With this system, complex tissue-like structures can be created where positioning of individual cells can be controlled.