Trustpay Global’s move to the cloud pays off

~ Hosted telephony provider, Foehn, moves payment processing firm, Trustpay Global’s communications to the cloud to support customer service model ~

London, England – 9 January 2012: Managed communications provider, Foehn, is providing the payment processing company, Trustpay Global, with a cloud-based telephony service to help improve their customer service. Foehn’s technology is helping Trustpay Global to deliver a new business model, where it generates its income from solutions that directly increase clients’ revenues or reduce their operating costs.  The cloud-based system will also give Trustpay Global the ability to “pay as they grow” their communications rather than having to update their phone system to manage increases in staff and offices.

The Guildford based payment service provider is the first company to offer free payment processing to all their clients. Damien Sambrook, head of infrastructure at Trustpay Global, explains why their telephony system is core to their business.  “The success of our business model relies on revenue from value-add services which include direct phone access to the service team,” he said. “We are experiencing a huge increase in demand for our services, but were limited by our previous telephone system which was simply too basic. We had no IVR, no caller display or voicemail and needed a flexible system that could re-route calls to us remotely.”

Foehn was able to quickly and easily implement a cloud-based VoIP solution to resolve the lack of functionality of their previous system. They worked with the existing lines to avoid installing ISDN lines, which kept the costs to a minimum.  Foehn also provided a trial of the cloud service to ensure customer satisfaction and to tailor the service to suit Trustpay Global’s needs.

Through Foehn’s hosted telephony system, the company now has an easily integrated phone system which can effect disaster recovery plans quickly and easily and means Trustpay can offer customer service outside of office hours, regardless of where the team are based.  

“Our brief was to provide Trustpay Global with a sophisticated, flexible, scalable phone service to help them improve the way they are handling out-of-hours customer enquiries,” said James Passingham, CEO and co-founder of Foehn. “While it’s a fully-featured system, it’s the simple things that make the difference - such as enabling them to have access to their voicemail on their mobile phones – and what made it such a rewarding project to work on.  We look forward to facilitating Trustpay in the future as the business expands.”

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About Trustpay Global

Trustpay Global is a new payment service company, providing clients with secure transaction processing. Their story began 10 years ago when their founder was investing in internet businesses which were focused on mass adoption with no cost to the consumer for the main service. He decided that with the right team, technology and business model it would be possible to shake the very foundations of the payment industry and build a company that could offer free payment processing.

About Foehn

Managed communications provider, Foehn, was set up in 2000 by James Passingham to manage and implement systems within mission critical and telco-class networks and data centres across the entire EMEA region. The company specialises in IP network and communication solutions for retailers, call centres and small and medium sized businesses.