Changes in the composition of Fondia’s management team

Fondia Plc Press release

15 April 2019 

Due to the increase in business and personnel and internationalization, Fondia will renew its management team work and the composition of its Management Team will change.

As of 15 April 2019, the Management Team of Fondia Group includes Leena Hellfors, Group CEO, Wilma Laukkanen, Talent Director, Erkki Hyvärinen, Development Director, Niclas Gottlieb, Managing Director of Fondia Sweden, and as new members Anti Kodar (LL.M), Managing Director of Fondia Baltics and Harri Savolainen (MBA) who was appointed as CFO as from 3 June 2019.

Kirsi Untala, CFO of Fondia, left her post on 12 April 2019. The new CFO Harri Savolainen will transfer to Fondia from Telia, where he acts as CFO of the Corporate Customer Business. During his career, Savolainen has also held other management positions at Telia, as CFO at SAP Finland Oy, and in other management positions at Pohjola and Panasonic CIS. Until the start of Savolainen, Group CEO Leena Hellfors will be responsible for the duties of CFO. Niclas Gottlieb will move outside the company as of 31July 2019 and recruitment of the new Managing Director of Fondia Sweden is ongoing. An international Fondia Leadership team, consisting of all team leaders, has been set up alongside the Group Management Team. The Leadership team also includes the team leaders of Fondia’s Finnish Operations, formerly included in the previous Group Management Team. The Leadership Team is managed by the CEO. “With our strong growth, the composition of our management team and our team organizations require renewal. With this change, we want to ensure that our unique work culture and flat, non-hierarchical organizational structure are cherished. Due to the strong growth of our number of personnel, we have increased the number of teams and team leaders. The Leadership Team, consisting of all Team Leaders, will play an important role in implementing our growth strategy alongside the Group Management Team. In addition to these, the existing competence teams and customer teams will continue to be an integral part of our agile approach, ”says CEO Leena Hellfors.

About Us

Fondia is a full service law firm founded in 2004 and a forerunner in exploiting new service models and technologies in the legal field. Fondia is a proudly different legal service provider with Legal Department as a Service, LDaaS as their main product. Whereas the traditional legal firms ordinarily provide hourly-based case services, Fondia offers productized service concepts that customers can purchase in accordance with their needs with a fixed price. Fondia has managed to create new ways of purchasing legal services and exploit digital operation environments in their services models. Fondia has already over 200 LDaaS partners and over 160 employees. The Fondia HQ is located in Helsinki and the other offices are in seven other Finnish cities and Stockholm, Gothenburg, Tallinn and Vilnius.