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  • Hands on for a plant-based revolution: Fooditive Group introduces a new dairy-free drink crafted from peas, that tastes like milk

Hands on for a plant-based revolution: Fooditive Group introduces a new dairy-free drink crafted from peas, that tastes like milk

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ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, July 5, 2021 -- Plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive Group debuts a new drink product that will be directly available for sale to consumers in 2021. GoPeasy is a pea-based drink that correlates with the mission of the Dutch company to deliver healthy and affordable products for everyone.

“While developing our portfolio, we noticed the growing demand for plant-based products that are both healthy and taste good. We are on a mission to make the world better; we do that by crafting a drink through the combination of understanding the milk formula and using Fooditive’s innovative products,” said Moayad Abushokhedim, food scientist and founder of Fooditive.

Exciting flavours and a nutritional boost 

GoPeasy is crafted from peas by embracing the taste and functionality of milk. The protein-rich drink does not contain any added sugar, it is low in fat and free of lactose. It has a natural plain taste, balanced with a rich mouthfeel. Packed with high nutritional value and a thirst-quenching taste, the product provides consumers a full sensory experience while on the go.

The drink will be available in three mouth-watering flavours: original for the real taste of milk, lemon-strawberry for a refreshing twist and cherry-chocolate for an indulgent sensation.

Towards upcycling and circular economy 

Committed to its sustainability values, Fooditive supports upcycling. GoPeasy is sweetened by Fooditive’s natural sweetener which is made from third grade and side streams of apples and pears. A circular economy model is implemented in its production process as well. Most importantly, the product will come at a competitive price while ensuring high nutritional quality.

Open call to join the GoPeasy journey 

The company invites suppliers to join this exciting journey towards expanding its horizon to business-to-consumer model and the mission to deliver what consumers deserve. Fooditive is currently raising up to €6.5M for the year of 2021 to revolutionize the plant-based food business. The Fooditive fever is catching on and inspiring others along the way to think more about what they eat. To find out more about GoPeasy, visit the product’s website here: GoPeasy - Coming Soon 


For more information about the company, contact Niki Karatza at pr@fooditive.nl 

About Fooditive : In 2018, the plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive was established in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The company is committed to making healthy food affordable for all with its 100% natural ingredients. Since its launch, Fooditive has received several awards for its innovative ideas, sustainable approaches, and contributions to a circular economy, including being nominated for the Index Award 2021.