Simpler Internet payments with e-billings

Simpler Internet payments with e-billings Starting this spring, Swedbank customers will be able to receive their phone bills as e-bills if their telecom provider is Telia. Telia Nära, one of the companies in Sweden that sends out the most bills (20 million a year!), has contracted with Swedbank to distribute Telia e-bills to Swedbank customers. "The e-bill will enable Telia customers to view and pay their bills via Swedbank's Internet bank, which further simplifies banking matters for our customers", says Håkan Nyberg, Manager of Banken via Internet. "The e-bill shows up on the customer's screen, and payment is made with a few clicks. The customer does not need to fill in any OCR numbers or account or giro numbers. The sum due and the due date are also already filled in." Statoil (petroleum products) will also be offering its approximately one million customers e-billing this spring. Today, more than 70 companies in Sweden send e-bills to their customers via Swedbank's Internet bank, among them Vattenfall (electrical power), Shell (petroleum products) and Sydkraft (electrical power). Several municipalities are also offering e- billing. "More and more people are choosing to do their banking business via the Internet, and we're working hard to enhance and further simplify Banken via Internet. Today, we have some 800,000 on-line customers, with an additional 5,000 to 10,000 signing on every week", says Mr Nyberg. Further information: Catrina Hertzen, Product Manager, Phone: +46 8 5859 1776 Eva-Kristin Öhman, Marketing Manager, FöreningsSparbanken via Internet Phone: +46 8 5859 1362 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: