Swedbank best bank on Internet

Consumer savings magazine compares Net banks: Swedbank best bank on Internet "Swedbank is the best Swedish bank on the Internet", says the magazine Sparöversikt ("Savings Survey") after comparing seven Swedish banks that offer Internet banking services. The report emphasises that Swedbank's Internet banking offers a broad array of services, that it runs smoothly and is easy to use. As an added plus, the report goes on to say, the Swedbank Internet facility also enables customers readily to obtain personal information and advice from the bank. "We believe we have received this gratifying honour because we have been able this year to present a number of new services and have also made it easier for our customers to reach us through our Internet bank", says Håkan Nyberg, General Manager of Swedbank's Internet service Banken via Internet. "Customers, too, apparently like Banken via Internet. New ones are signing up at a rate of some 9,000 a week, and we'll soon have a total of 800,000 users. "In our Banken via Internet for companies, we're now also offering an array of new, business-oriented services for the bank's 230,000 business clients. And in conjunction with our upgrading of Internet services to small businesses, being implemented in November, we're launching a new Website where companies can easily obtain information regarding the bank's services, information from state agencies, tools, calculation models, order forms etc. From the new Website, our business customers will also be able to reach Banken via Internet, adds Mr Nyberg. "To us, ease of use is essential. That's why, in November, we'll be focusing a number of activities on our customers under the banner IT- lyftet ("IT Liftoff"). The aim of the programme is to help smaller businesses that are not yet hooked up to the Internet to get themselves online. The activities, including meetings at our branches throughout the country, will be carried out in collaboration with Telia (a major Swedish telecom company), Foretagarnas Riksorganisation (The Swedish Federation of Private Enterprises), Nutek (The Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development) and Microsoft. "We want to show those business customers of ours who are not yet on line what business benefits they'll enjoy by 'getting with the Web'. At the same time, we want to help them understand the risks involved in not being reachable on the Internet", Mr Nyberg concludes. For further information, please contact: Håkan Nyberg, General Manager, Banken via Internet, Phone: +46 70 397 0904 Eva-Kristin Öhman, Marketing Manager, Banken via Internet, Phone: +46 70 661 2350 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT http://www.bit.se The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/02/20001102BIT00700/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/11/02/20001102BIT00700/bit0002.pdf