Swedish electricity transmission system operator Svenska kraftnät selected Spring by Fortum for its pilot project

ONLINE NEWS 18 December 2017

Svenska kraftnät has selected Spring by Fortum for its pilot project researching the utilisation of energy storage for demand flexibility.

The significant electricity consumption by data centres is expected to grow even further with increasing digitalisation, among other things. To ensure uninterrupted operations, data centres are equipped with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems. These systems typically have excess capacity that can be utilised in balancing the electricity system.

In the pilot project starting during the first quarter of 2018 Fortum will offer 0.1 MW of UPS capacity to Svenska kraftnät’s frequency controlled disturbance reserve. This reserve activates automatically and quickly if there is a drop in the electricity network’s frequency.

Fortum and Eaton, one of the world’s leading UPS manufacturers, have together developed a solution that uses UPS equipment to balance the frequency of the electricity system. The solution enables intensive energy consumers like data centres to participate in supporting the electricity system with their existing flexible resources. The solution offers both economic benefit to data centres and a more flexible electricity network for society – without significant investments.

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Further information:
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