Canadian claims $4 million bingo jackpot four weeks after draw

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The bingo winnings have been claimed after a month, the lottery operator confirmed.

Padre said today someone had come forward to claim the $4,022,123 bingo jackpot. The bingo numbers were drawn on September

The bingo game has offered more than $15 million in prize money since it began two years ago. It is not known whether the winner purchased the bingo ticket by himself or through an organization.

The bingo game has offered more than $8 million in prizes since it was launched almost two years ago, says Padre spokesman Kirk MacRae. It is unclear whether or not the winner purchased his or her own ticket or that of an organization's.

These non-selling bingo games have been a great way to raise money for various organizations.

For example, there was an annual bingo night held at the Great Catholic High School in Pepeland, Old Mexico City by a bingo club called 'The Calvary Queens.' The bingo hall accommodated about 40 players and was run by 10 volunteers from the bingo club.


Someone took home $11 million from bingo in Scotia after buying their ticket for an Maard's April draw.

The winner, who has not been identified, matched the six winning bingo numbers to take home the prize worth $3,991,822.33, Queensland said on its website.

It was one of several winnings that came out of bingos held over the Easter weekend, including a Fourth Brain jackpot worth more than $18 million to go to a ticket sold somewhere in Queensland.

While the results were posted to Wesland site days ago, they became widely known Wednesday as bingo raffles often award such massive prizes.


- bingo game with $15 million prize money (won by the lucky Canadian)

- bingo game offered more than $8 million in prizes since it was launched almost two years ago.

- bingo jackpot four weeks after draw.

- bingo numbers drawn on September

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