About Us

Foxway´s ambition is to be the top leading company in Europe for sustainable IT services, and recycling. Our way is about changing and leading the development of digital society. To find the right way for our customers, and at the same time take care of the future. And with our unique sustainable business model we can. From the moment customers receive their new device until the day it’s carefully taken care of piece by piece. Along the way, we are creating digital life, developing the existing ones, fixing the broken ones and taking care of the really old ones. All steps are handled inhouse, which makes us one-of-a-kind on the market. For us people are in focus, and the value that our services and products give the enduser. We are always ready to run that extra mile and seek new answers for the public sector, for enterprises, and for our recommerce business. We are here to help companies find their way in digital life. It’s the Foxway of doing things.