What did Elvis and Anne Frank have in common?

They both lived in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region in Germany! This week, the celebration of The European Elvis Festival takes place in Bad Nauheim. Furthermore, exciting things are happening in Darmstadt and we want to present to you a hidden spa gem of the region. Have you ever experienced Jewish Frankfurt? Don`t miss your chance to learn more about it in this press release, receive the latest museum news and read about one of the greatest inaugurations in Europe this year! 

Redesigned Jewish Museum and Jewish history in Frankfurt

Most of us know the touching stories of Anne Frank, who was born in Frankfurt. But did you know that in 2017, an “Anne Frank Day” was declared to celebrate her birthday? In the summer of 2018, the “Begegnungsstätte Anne Frank” (Anne Frank Meeting Place) was opened, which includes a learning lab informing its visitors about the story of Anne Frank and focusing on teaching today’s youth healthy approaches when it comes to confronting racism and anti-Semitism. The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, now redesigned, is situated in the “Judengasse” and is considered one of the most significant Jewish centers in Europe. A grand re-opening will take place in 2019. Have a short look at the museum’s new webpage for more information and a video about the museum.

Frankfurt offers various opportunities to experience the past and present Jewish communities in unique ways. From guided tours, synagogues and exhibitions to Kosher shopping and restaurants – it’s all there waiting to be experienced. Read all about it in the separate press release in the download section of this press release (pdf). We also invite you to visit the webpage of the Frankfurt Tourist Board to discover more options in Jewish Frankfurt.  

The city of Darmstadt – full of surprises and a new hotel opening

You might have heard of Darmstadt and its famous former artist colony Mathildenhöhe as Germany’s “City of Art Nouveau”. But did you know that Darmstadt and the close-by surroundings offer exciting and hidden gems like the Hunting Castle Hotel Kranichstein and the inimitable Messel Pit Fossil Site “Grube Messel”, just to mention a few. The city is evolving rapidly and is a good alternative to Frankfurt for overnight stays, since it is situated very close by. In November this year, a new hotel will open close to the main station – the MOXY Darmstadt! Thanks to 178 rooms with a modern design and mobile check-in opportunities, this will be a further jewel in the crown of Darmstadt’s hotel scene. It’s a city well worth discovering and it will certainly catch your attention – it is also called the “City of Science”. Visit the webpage of the Darmstadt Tourist Board for more inspiration and tips for the perfect souvenir!  

The European Elvis Festival in Bad Nauheim

This week (August 17-19 2018), the city of Bad Nauheim will be turned upside down, celebrating the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. The “European Elvis Festival” was first organized in 2002 and has since grown into one of the most attractive Elvis festivals in Europe. There will be plenty of chances to celebrate The King – exhibitions, parties, classic car events and a big classic car parade, a music contest, guided tours, movie screenings, a contemporary fashion show, etc. A special treat during the festival is the Elvis Cake, Elvis’s favorite cake during his stay in Bad Nauheim, served at the local bakery. Of course, the festival also includes celebrity guests and musicians. This year, Darlene Love, Grahame Patrick and The Stamps Quartet will be there, and there will be a chance to meet the celebrities in person during an autograph session on August 19. The festival is an explosion of music and art, perfect for everyone who is a fan or who just enjoys this time period. Read more about the festival on the webpage of the Bad Nauheim Tourist Board – It’s Now or Never!    

Bad Vilbel – the city of wells and springs

Not even a half-hour drive from Frankfurt, in the beautiful Wetterau area, you will find the spa town of Bad Vilbel, called “the city of wells and springs”. Along the Nidda River, highlights practically line up awaiting exploration; the green paradise “Kurpark”, the moated “Wasserburg” castle (with an annual castle festival from May until September as well as a great annual wine festival in September), several wells like the “Römer Brunnen” and many more. The city has three museums telling you all about the history of the magic water; the “Lebendiges Römer-Mosaik” (a Roman mosaic built in a glass pavilion), the “Brunnen- und Bädermuseum” and the “Hassia-Quellenmuseum – Geschichte des Mineralwassers”. Read more about the incredible Hassia history here. Guided tours in English can be booked here:

  • Hassia-Mineralquellen („150 years Hassia“), phone bookings: +49 (0)6101 4030
  • Guided City Tours of Bad Vilbel, e-mail bookings: fuehrungen@bad-vilbel.de
  • How to make radio? Hit Radio FFH guided tours (ca. 90 min.) in Bad Vilbel, phone bookings: +49 (0)6101 988334

Museum News

Frankfurt has several museums not to miss out on, and here is an overview of some of the news coming up 2018/19:

  • Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt: re-opening on August 23 (partially, main opening in October) with new and amazing exhibitions (make sure to book your entrance ticket through the online ticket shop – no more queuing!)
  • Städel Museum: the famous Städel Museum in Frankfurt, presenting art of all kinds, will be presenting a grand Van Gogh exhibition in 2019 (guided and audio tours available, online booking possible)  
  • MOMEM (Museum of modern electronic music) in Frankfurt will open 2019! Read more about it and see the museum information video here. More detailed information will follow. 
  • The "Struwwelpeter Museum", re-opening in the summer of 2019 (after relocating), will bring you into the world of Struwwelpeter and his author, Heinrich Hoffmann. Tours will be bookable per phone at: +49 (0)69747969.  
  • TEASER: a brand new museum will open in Frankfurt in 2020; the Romantik Museum, situated directly next to the Goethe Museum in the city center. More information will follow. Visit the Romantik Museum Homepage for more information (in German only).

Frankfurt special – A spectacular inauguration in 2018

The “Safe Cities Index 2017”, a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit, lists Frankfurt, the only German city in the ranking, 11th. This means that Frankfurt is currently considered one of the safest of 60 cities in the world to visit, with Tokyo being number one. Therefore, Frankfurt would be perfect for a city break in the future, to see the results of a construction project that is unique to Europe: the new Old Town. The old district in Frankfurt has been complemented with 15 new constructions (rebuilt originals) and a further 20 new buildings, including shops, restaurants, and apartments. The new Old Town will have a grand opening from September 28 - 30, 2018. This will be one of the most spectacular inaugurations in Europe and an absolute must-see, along with the many other features of this beautiful city on the Main. Read more about the new, bookable city tours here

Our tip: use the new RheinMainCard, which offers discounts on several attractions and free public transport within the region. An unforgettable German experience!

Did you miss our last press release? It`s available for download in our press room. More information on the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region and pictures are available in the download area of the press release.

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