Annual General Meeting

Fred. Olsen Production ASA held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) today, Wednesday 29 May 2013. All proposals on the agenda were adopted in accordance with the agenda for the AGM which was sent to the Oslo Stock Exchange on 7 May 2013.

Today, the AGM of Fred. Olsen Production ASA has approved the financial statements and annual report of Fred. Olsen Production ASA and the Fred. Olsen Production Group of Companies for fiscal 2012.

Enclosed, please find the signed protocol and presentation from the AGM.

About Us

Fred. Olsen Production ASA (FOP) is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (trades under the ticker "FOP") and has been active in the offshore oil & gas production business since 1994. FOP’s first day of listing was May 11th 2007. First Olsen Ltd. (FOL), a company owned 50% by Ganger Rolf ASA and 50% by Bonheur ASA is the main shareholder with 61.5% of the outstanding shares.