Global exposure for Freedesk’s products

Freedesk AB (“Freedesk”) participated recently in the Ergo Expo Fair in Las Vegas, USA, together with the company’s American collaboration partners. The Ergo Expo Fair is one of the leading fairs for ergonomic products, held in Las Vegas annually, attracting visitors from several countries.

The market for desk risers is rapidly expanding in the USA. There are numbers now reporting that only 1-2 percent of the Americans have a solution for standing work at their office, so the market for new solutions is large, according to info shared during the fair. There is a market for Freedesk’s products in USA, as witnessed by the approximately 50 percent of the first container load with Desk Risers were sold before it had reached the shore.

During the fair in Las Vegas, Freedesk besides the Freedesk Desk Riser also displayed a prototype of the company’s new Laptop Support. The Laptop Support is a solution to improve the ergonomics of laptop usage. The product can be used together with the Desk Riser, and as a stand-alone solution. The Laptop Support was positively welcomed by the public at the fair.

The CEO of Freedesk´s collaboration partner comments

“The market for desk risers has increased significantly in the USA. Today you see several types and models, whereas a few years ago there were only one or two on the market. This shows it is not a fad, but rather a large and expanding market. We are glad that we were the first ones to meet the Freedesk company during the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February 2016, since the Desk Riser from Freedesk is truly innovative with its aesthetics and slim and portable solution which gives it a strong position on the market. If we had not picked up the collaboration with Freedesk, somebody else would have. As a matter of fact, it was an important part of our trip to the Stockholm fair to find an entry-level desk riser, more simple and versatile than other solutions on the market.”

The CEO continues

“Thanks to having received the container of Freedesk Desk Risers we have access to 1,000 units. We managed to get product samples out just before the start of the fair in Las Vegas to more than 45 sales representatives that we are now initiating a collaboration with. During the fair I received several calls from sales representatives with positive reactions from the market and potential users. This indicates we have been right from the start when it comes to the market demand for the versatile and simple Desk Riser solution from Freedesk. This was also confirmed with the positive reactions during the fair.”

Johan Stagne, VP Sales & Marketing Freedesk, comments

“The cooperation with our collaboration partner in the USA is important to us. The people behind the company know the American market and have a strong motivation to roll out our Desk Riser in the market. They are investing significant resources in this, and just as they feel lucky that we met during the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair, I say the same thing about initiating a collaboration with them. I have several years of experience from the retailer/distributor business, and know how important it is to find the ‘right’ cooperation partners, as we have now.”

Stefan Westergård, CEO Freedesk, comments

“At the fair it was great to see the positive reactions on both our Desk Riser and the prototype of our Laptop Support – the third product we are going to launch. The value of ‘being there’ in the market for a week with ‘the ears to the ground’ is very high, both understanding more about the market, and strengthening the relationship with our collaboration partners, who have many years of experience from working with Swedish companies. The USA is an extensive market, and since the awareness of the importance of ‘everyday activity’ is rapidly increasing, we see great potential in the USA with our innovative and simplified solutions. In addition, it was a big plus that thanks to the international touch of this fair, we got contacts with distributors from other countries than USA, giving additional business potential for us.”

For further information about Freedesk, please contact:

Stefan Westergård, CEO, Telephone: +46 (0)70-255 57 02, E-mail:

Freedesk AB (559019-4261) has the ambition to provide the market with flexible, simple and accessible solutions to enable each day to be an active day – along with all the benefits that come with this. The first product the company has launched – Freedesk Desk Riser – is an easy and versatile patent pending solution that provides the user the opportunity to stand up and work. Desk Riser is the first of many products in the company’s Innovation Pipeline. Freedesk’s development nucleus is in Lund - Malmö and its surroundings, and development work is conducted in collaboration with experts from all over Sweden.


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Freedesk challenges everybody to a more active and healthy everyday lifestyle. Freedesk does this by providing the market with smart and flexible solutions. The purpose is to enhance the user’s well-being and productivity. The company have started with a range of Desk Risers that makes it possible to stand up and work where and whenever preferred. This lies within the company´s focus; enable the user to carry out the daily tasks in a more active, flexible and productive way. Freedesk has also launched the products Personal Space and a Laptop Stand. This is just the beginning of a broad range of products in the Innovation Pipeline, within four business areas; Active sit-stand, Active Focus, Activity Boost and Active Move.




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