Freevalve technology in a Koenigsegg: Relieving the world from fossil fuels – faster

Ängelholm, Sweden – Freevalve AB, announced that their revolutionary technology is at the core of the brand new Koenigsegg Gemera’s Tiny Friendly Giant (TFG) engine. The Gemera will go into production in early 2022.

Freevalve’s technology enables the combustion engine to be the most sustainable propulsion choice when running on CO2-neutral fuels. Its independent and flexible control of the engine’s intake and exhaust flows provides a unique possibility to operate the engine on 0 – 100 % renewable fossil-free fuels. Not only does this offer a low CO2-footprint, but also substantially higher energy efficiency and lower emissions. Additionally, Freevalve technology enables many other inventions, such as a unique twin turbo concept and unlimited cylinder de-activation. What this adds up to is an astonishing 300 bhp per liter power density paired with unmatched flexibility.

Freevalve also announced that it has partnered with SparkCognition, the world’s leading industrial Artificial Intelligence (AI) company out of Austin, Texas to further transform the already advanced combustion engine into a truly smart machine that aims to take the technology and sustainability even further.

Freevalve technology can be implemented in various automotive engine variations, including passenger cars, trucks and buses as well as marine and aerospace applications.

About Freevalve AB
Freevalve AB is a Swedish technology company that develops state-of-the-art, next-generation components and solutions for internal combustion engines. Freevalve began development of its technology in 2000 and its latest actuator technology represents over a decade of testing and development, both in the laboratory and on test vehicles driven in real-world conditions.

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About Us

Freevalve is a technology company that provides cutting-edge technology for cam-less combustion engines with fully variable valve train operation. The world is craving for emission and CO2 reducing technologies. Freevalve holds the keys to release this potential by allowing combustion engine operation on pure renewable liquid fuels, thus potentially saving the world from huge amounts of CO2. The fully variable Freevalve valvetrain operation further allows for several engine operating modes such switching between different combustion cycles, number of strokes, or engine breaking. The technology can be used in any kind of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and is independent of fuel type. Freevalve strive to continue the legacy of Swedish automotive industry, and we are confident that the technology can prolong the life, validity and sustainability of the ICE.