FRIMA UK expands team

Growing interest in VarioCooking Center multifunction appliance is boosted by launch of new model

Matthew O’Hagan is FRIMA UK’s new regional sales manager for London. Matthew is not only an experienced catering industry sales executive, having worked with top hospitality brands such as Carlsberg and Pepsico, but also a professional chef who has cooked alongside the likes of Angela Hartnett and Luke Holder.

“I’m excited to join FRIMA UK,” he says. “This is a fast moving industry and the VarioCooking Center is a truly innovative product, it’s got enormous potential in any modern kitchen design. This job lets me bring together my sales background and cooking, which is my passion.”

Matthew is tasked with helping FRIMA realise the huge sales potential of the VarioCooking Center in the UK.

“Matthew’s expertise as both a chef and a sales person gives him real empathy and insight into our customers’ needs,” says FRIMA UK managing director Graham Kille. “There’s growing interest in the FRIMA multifunction concept – whilst we are the global market leader, several other companies have launched their own versions.

“The UK lags behind the continent in embracing the technology, but sales growth proves that we’re certainly catching up. There’s also been a big spike in interest following the launch of the new compact model. That’s why we need to expand the FRIMA UK team – and Matthew is the ideal candidate for the job.”

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