FSC® Brasil and BVRio join forces to promote certified products and community forest management in Brazil

BVRio and FSC Brasil signed a cooperation agreement to promote timber products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®within the Responsible Timber Exchange, launched last year. The partnership will help increase knowledge around BVRio’s commitment to low impact forest management and the promotion of the legal/responsible timber market in Brazil and worldwide.

With the agreement, BVRio enters FSC’s Key Account Program, which aims to build and maintain strong and productive relationships with partners who are committed to the FSC, share expertise and resources and develop innovative approaches to forest conservation.

The partnership will also help to create balance between supply and demand for certified products, foster new production chains, open markets, engage small and community producers, encourage new certifications, and promote both brands and the Responsible Timber Exchange platform as an important sales channel for certified timber products. 

For FSC Brasil’s Executive Director, Aline Tristão, "this agreement is very important and adds to other initiatives that we have been pursuing in order to fight against deforestation and illegality in the timber industry and promote the widespread use of certified wood. It helps companies to adopt best practices and create more business opportunities, expanding people's awareness about the importance of consuming forest products that originate from a good management plan".

"We are delighted to be able to develop this agenda with FSC Brasil. This partnership provides us the recognition that we are aligned with the same goals", said Mauricio Costa Moura, director of BVRio's Responsible Timber Exchange.

 Particularly for community forest managers, BVRio and FSC Brasil will work together to facilitate access to the market by providing assistance in the areas of management, planning, analysis and operation. There will also be initiatives to promote responsible timber products among national and international buyers, as well as assistance in the development of value adding strategies and commercialization of goods.

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About FSC Brasil

FSC is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization that has been promoting responsible forest management around the world since 1994. Headquartered in Germany, it is present in over 80 countries. The FSC is the forest certification system with greater international credibility and the only one that equally incorporates the interests of social, environmental and economic groups. Currently, Brazil has more than six million hectares certified by FSC and 1069 chain of custody certificates.

About BVRio’s Responsible Timber Exchange

The BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange provides a streamlined and free online platform for legal/certified timber trading, bringing together buyers and sellers of timber products from around the world. Since it was launched in November 2016, the Exchange has already received more than 400 timber-trading offers related to more than 10 million m3 of timber products. The Bolsa de Valores Ambientais (www.bvrio.com) is an impact company created to operate the environmental markets promoted by Instituto BVRio (www.bvrio.org ), facilitating compliance with environmental laws and the development of a green economy. BVRio’s Responsible Timber Exchange is a trading platform for forest products of legal or certified origin, enabling risk management and due diligence. Learn more at: www.bvrio.org/timber.