Mass Advertising No Longer Reaches the Masses

BY ERIK ROSENSTRAUCH, President & CEO, FUEL Partnerships

There was once a day when utilizing mass media was a successful way to communicate a brand and its message to large populations.  The message was easily delivered through traditional broadcast mediums including, TV, radio, print and even web, with the goal of delivering Gross Rating Points (GRP’s) needed to gain brand awareness that satisfies the retailer community, thus driving sales.

However, most of these “traditional mass” models are no longer successful.  Each media type has been sliced and diced into many niche options where large audiences no longer exist for any outlet!  For instance, Americans watched three major TV networks 20 years ago and today’s average cable or satellite connected home now received over 300 channels. In fact, what was once considered a “shotgun” marketing approach in the past is in fact just a “BB gun” in today’s fragmented communication world.

Think about it…  sales of TV media is still on the rise, but only because it requires a larger media spend to reach the same audience as in the past.  The efficiency and efficacy of traditional mass media has steeply declined, leading to consumers having more decision power.  Audiences choose what content, and therefore which messages, they want to receive and when they want to receive them.  Technology has been a key driver to this balance of power via DVRs, streaming capabilities and on demand services.

How does a brand succeed in this market?  The answer in my opinion is quite simple.  Fish where the fish are!  Go in-store to deliver your message.  Influence decisions at the shelf.  Over 75% of purchase decisions are made standing at the shelf.*  Is your brand positioned for success within the retail channel?  Do you know the key tactics and potential results leveraging in store programs?

FUEL Partnerships is a retail marketing agency whose core belief is that Marketing’s only purpose is to drive transactionsTM.  Our focus is to lead brands to success in store.  Let’s talk about trading in your shotgun for a more sophisticated marketing approach.

*POPAI retail research 2012


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