Air Liquide gains full control over gas cylinders with a solution from Mandator

Air Liquide is a world-leader within industrial and medical gases. With a system developed by Mandator, the handling and checking of thousands of gas cylinders found in Swedish hospitals is simplified.

Air Liquide supplies medical gases that are used, for example, in operating theatres or when treating patients with breathing difficulties at home. With the aid of a system developed by Mandator, Air Liquide can offer healthcare institutions a solution that provides exact information about where each cylinder is located and how long it has been there. Moreover, statistical calculations and rental and gas debiting can take place via a connection to the County Council's invoicing system.

"The system provides a good overview and is user-friendly. With a simple Internet connection and a barcode reader, both Air Liquide and the healthcare institutions gain full control over the medical gases. It's been a very giving and stimulating experience to develop this solution together with Mandator," says Lars Halldin, Head of Medical Sales, Air Liquide.

The system is very easily expanded. It has been developed in conjunction with the commissioning of the new filling station for medical oxygen in Mullsjö and shall initially handle cylinder management for medical gases in Sweden. Air Liquide plans to use the system in other areas.

Mandator's GroupTech specialist unit has had full responsibility for the delivery of the system, which is based on Lotus Domino. GroupTech is specialised in group software - solutions designed for communications between groups and individuals. GroupTech has the largest collective Lotus Notes expertise in Sweden and is an IBM Business Partner.

For more information, please contact:
Christofer Olsson, Business Developer, Mandator, Tel: +46 703 24 25 55,
Lars Halldin, Head of Medical Sales, Air Liquide, Tel: +46 705 67 27 89,
Robert Karlsson, Director of Corporate Communications, Tel: +46 709 565 141,