Cell Network changes name to Mandator

At a general meeting on the 9 April a formal decision was made to return to the name Mandator.
As a consequence of the changes that Cell Network has undergone the company today has much more in common, in terms of offerings, customers and employees, with Mandator. However, Mandator in 2003 has a more complete range of offerings than Mandator had in 2000.

"Today, we chiefly offer IT consulting services that 'improve our customers' businesses'. This was also the core business of Mandator and, in addition, many of our current customer relations were established under the name Mandator," says Niklas Flyborg, CEO, Mandator AB.

From today shares are traded on the Stockholmsbörsen's O-list under the ticker symbol "MAND".

For more information, please contact:
Robert Karlsson, Director of Corporate Communications, Tel. 0709-565 141