Press release: Funcom releases new video for Conan Unconquered

In today's press release, the publisher Funcom and developer Petroglyph reveal a new video, featuring interviews with Command & Conquer veterans on the production team and a further glimpse into the co-op aspect of the real-time strategy game Conan Unconquered.

Also, a previously unannounced mechanism called challenge mode, which allows the player to create and share a link with the exact same map, settings and unlockable feats as in the game the player just played, was revealed. This mechanism allows the player to challenge a friend in a comparable way. Each link will also come with its own leaderboard. 

As previously announced the game will launch on the PC platform on 30 May 2019.

For further information please see the Press Release in the News section of the Funcom website.

Funcom N.V.

Badhoevedorp, The Netherlands, 21 May 2019

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