Following previous success: Paradiset wants to double the amount of owners through crowdfunding

Due to last year’s crowdfunding success, where 4 500 part-owners funded 18.2 million swedish crowns in Paradiset, they are now launching another crowdfunding round at FundedByMe. The aim is to further fund and expand the amount of part-owners to 10,000. The investments are planned to enable growth beyond the 3 already existing shops in Stockholm right now. The campaign starts today at 10, monday the 11th of June.

The founder and CEO Johannes Cullberg saw the large demand of healthy and natural products in Stockholm, and when he first opened his shop 2015 he was welcomed with open arms. Three shops have opened since and recently Paradiset’s online store launched. In the fall of 2018 another shop will open in Täby centrum. Their campaign at FundedByMe will hopefully enable opening even more shops.

—  Our first round was a great success and it has enabled the launch of our online shop. It has also empowered our team. We are now prepared for what the future has in store for us, says Johannes Cullberg founder and CEO.

Paradiset is the healthiest food chain in Sweden and they only sell natural and organic products. As much as possible is brought to the store from local farmers. Paradiset wants it to be easy to buy healthy food and at the same time enjoy the experience. It is supposed to be effortless to make the right choice, at the right cost.

— Paradiset has shown that future companies are built together with a large amount of part-owners. Several owners in one company is not a administrative challenge but rather a huge advantage. They have also attracted the greatest percentage of female investors, 67% of all their investors are female, says Michaela Berglund, CMO at FundedByMe.

The campaign is  launched today, 11th of June, at FundedByMe, with a goal to reach 2,9 million  in invested means.

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Paradiset is Sweden’s healthiest food chain and the largest in Scandinavia when it comes to natural and organic products. Paradiset offers a full selection of supplies, ranging from food to beauty products, they are all free from unnecessary and harmful ingredients and sold at affordable prices. Paradiset was founded by Johannes Cullberg in 2015 and since then Paradiset has won several prices for their concept.

Michaela Berglund 
CMO, FundedByMe

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Our first round was a great success and it has enabled the launch of our online shop. It has also empowered our team. We are now prepared for what the future has in store for us.
Johannes Cullberg founder and CEO