FundedByMe and Nord Fondkommission are entering a strategic partnership.

Nords platform is aiming to provide the markets best solutions for investment and savings. Nord has a broad network of collaborating partners. Among these, 750 management & investment companies with 50 000 investment funds. Nord also has agreements with over ten banks for offering structured banking products and bond & share issuers.

FundedByMe is Northern Europe’s primary crowdfunding platform with 6 offices worldwide. FundedByMe has a database of  almost 100,000 registered investors. The investors have contributed more than 400 MSEK (€ 41.5M) for hundreds of companies. With these accomplishments FundedByMe have secured a position among the leading European crowdfunding platforms.
Equity crowdfunding is an old method that has been revamped with the help of  recent years digitalization.  FundedByMe digital platform has helped larger groups of individuals to focus their investments. At the same time, companies requiring equity, can present themselves on the platform in a simple way. These elements combined, under one digital platform, has given birth to interesting possibilities.

The intent in forming this strategic partnership, between the companies, is for a long term collaboration.


About Us

FundedByMe AB (publ) is as of 8th of March a listed company on NGM Nordic MTF. FundedByMe AB (publ) is a parent company consisting of and Feminvest - probably the largest female network of investors in the North. Laika Consulting AB is a fully owned subsidiary that offers Investor Relations as well as marketing and financial communication. The company also has 6 joint ventures in Finland, Malaysia, Dubai/UAE, Poland, The Netherlands and Singapore. The company holds a business license in Malaysia (equity and P2P/P2B) and in Dubai/UAE (an equity crowdfunding license as well as a license to uphold client accounts). Together the group reaches over 269.000 registered investment members globally.




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