FundedByMe Poland closes equity crowdfunding campaign of €440,000 in record 37 minutes

8 April 2019

FundedByMe Poland closes 2nd crowdfunding round in record time. 66 investors committed more than €440,000. Round reaches the maximum target and closes in 37 minutes.

FundedByMe’s branch in Poland run by Maciej Gajewski launched and closed a record-breaking campaign on Friday, 5th of April. The campaign for Duality Games, a game development studio from Warsaw gained strong interest before the campaign launched due to the progress and ambition of the company and the round closed in record time. 66 investors committed more than €440,000 thus reaching an average investment of ~€6,666 where the smallest investment was €3,500 and the largest was €175,000

The closed campaign can be viewed here:

“Gaming is a very promising sector in Poland with plenty of investment opportunities. We are delighted to see Duality close their crowdfunding campaign in a record-time, congratulations! Now we are even more motivated to launch interesting projects to the broader public in the near future. You should expect new exciting startups from Poland on the FundedByMe platform this year, says Maciej Gajewski, CEO FundedByMe Poland.  

Duality Games is planning for an IPO in 2020 and this level of interest from investors during our crowdfunding round assures us that we have chosen the right path for our development. We are eager to work even harder to bring our games to the world and show returns to all investors,” states Piotr Strzałkowski, Co-founder of Duality Games

“We’re all impressed to see how fast a great team can close an equity crowdfunding round. This shows to the market what we already believe in, that our technology and platform with its global reach can truly be a game-changer for many companies and that people from everywhere can become part of companies that have high potential. I’m especially impressed by the CEO of FundedByMe Poland. This campaign has been flawlessly run, the only regret is that it closed in 37 minutes, as I am sure many more people would have wanted to join, but that is a sweet regret” says co-founder and Group CEO Daniel Daboczy

FundedByMe has Joint Venture offices in Poland, Dubai, Malaysia, Finland, The Netherlands, and Singapore.

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FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB is a listed tech company in Sweden, focusing on the financial markets. Today the company offers a digital and global platform for financial support for different startups and growth companies around the globe. The customers sign up online where they are given the possibility to book their investment interest in different companies. The company currently consists of, Feminvest, and Laika Consulting, as well as six joint ventures in Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, The Netherlands, and Dubai/UAE. Together the group reaches over 269,000 registered investment members globally. The company’s shares can be found at for example Avanza (FBM MTF B) or Nordnet (FBM MTF B). 


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FundedByMe Crowdfunding Sweden AB is a listed technology company in fintech with a focus on the financial market. The company operates a self-developed crowdfunding platform, currently the premier platform within the EU. Equity crowdfunding is a new and growing method where various startups and growth companies on the global market can obtain capital and where new shareholders invest and get involved in the companies. The company currently consists of and Laika Consulting, which is one of Sweden's leading financial communication agencies. Laika also works with Investor Relations and also runs FundedByMe is also a majority owner in Feminvest and in jointly owned partner companies in Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, the Netherlands and Dubai/UAE. The company's shares can be traded under the short name FBM A and FBM B.




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