Ingmar Rentzhog joins the FundedByMe board

During FundedByMe’s extraordinary shareholding meeting on August 22nd, Ingmar Rentzhog was voted in to join the FundedByMe board. Ingmar’s prior experiences from Laika Consulting AB and the finance industry, as well as from his latest venture WeDon’tHaveTime, that crowdfunded through FundedByMe, will act as a great complement to the already very established FundedByMe board.

“I look forward to being able to contribute, to draw the map and to democratize the process of procuring capital. Through crowdfunding everyone is given access to where only a few had the opportunity before, to be an owner instead of only a consumer. I myself have successfully crowdfunded my new startup WeDon’ at FundedByMe, and received 400 new shareholders from 15 different countries. These shareholders have been of great value as they have opened a lot of doors. Crowdfunding is so much more than just raising funds. It is a completely new way to run a business and to collaborate. With crowdfunding the entrepreneur is no longer alone. Every can take participate,” states Ingmar Rentzhog, founder of WeDon’tHaveTime.

In 2004, Ingmar Rentzhog founded Laika Consulting AB, as Sweden’s first communication agency focused on financial communication, where he became the CEO and principal owner. Today he runs the climate focused startup WeDon’tHaveTime and is the chairman for Global Utmaning, which is Sweden's only renowned think tank with a special consultative status in the UN. In addition to his burning commitment to sustainbaility, he has a profound knowledge of communication and finance. Other board assignments include Naventus Corporate Finance and Svenska Bostadsfonden, which is subjected to the supervision of Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Due to Ingmars prior experience of working with companies focused on security papers and financial communication, he will be a great asset in regards of FundedByMe's upcoming listing. That Ingmar has also crowdfunded through the FundedByMe platform for his own startup WeDon' is just an added bonus as it gives him a better understanding of the FundedByMe platform and operations.

“We have collaborated with Ingmar since 2013 and we have always had a great exchange from each other. Ingmar’s experiences from the traditional financial world as well as his ambition is going to be a fantastic complement to the already strong FundedByMe board. Beyond his work, I am constantly inspired as I look at his latest venture, WeDon’tHaveTime, that focuses on advocating for the current climate issues. As we implement the consolidation of the purchase of Laika, we are appreciative of Ingmar’s position on the board to ease the process,” states Daniel Daboczy, CEO FundedByMe.

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