Funnel launches free version of its marketing data hub

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Stockholm, Sweden, June 28, 2023 – Funnel is pleased to announce the global launch of a free version of its marketing data hub. This will enable companies of all sizes to become more data-driven with just one click. The new Funnel starter plan will offer marketers a best-in-class way to connect, store, organize and share their business and AI ready data from one single place, and gain a complete view of their marketing performance over time, on time.

Marketers today are flooded with data. Small and medium-sized companies manage their marketing activities through as many as eight different platforms and 65 unique data sources on average, leaving marketers stuck with siloed information in multiple spreadsheets1. For larger corporations the marketing data complexity scales exponentially, sometimes using more than 20 000 data sources. With pressured budgets and a need to maximize the impact of every dollar spent, marketers are struggling to prove the value of their initiatives, monitoring in real-time the effectiveness of every marketing channel while trying to predict the outcomes of incremental marketing investments. Until now, this has only been available for large corporations, but this concerns all marketers. By launching the first ever free marketing data hub, we are offering companies of all sizes an easy and reliable way to get started to use their data to drive marketing outcomes.

With Funnel’s marketing data hub, all marketing data is connected, stored, organized, and shared in one single place, eliminating complexity and making it easy for marketers to work with their data. By offering the first ever free version of the hub to everyone, Funnel makes it possible for companies of all sizes to embrace a data-driven approach, fostering growth and innovation – and ultimately letting marketers focus on what they do best.

Fredrik Skantze, CEO of Funnel, comments: “Our conviction is that marketers are the experts of their craft and that they, regardless of organizational setup or budget size, should be able to own, run and scale their marketing platform from start to finish. Other free marketing data tools are often manual and prone to error, while more advanced solutions are only accessible for larger companies and require coding competence or large budgets. Funnel’s free plan is easy to use, reliable, automated and accessible to all. Having business and AI ready data at your fingertips lays a foundation for developing a data driven culture in marketing organizations.”

For more information, please contact:

Carl Ronander, VP Brand & Communication
+46 (0) 768 836 266

About Funnel

Funnel is the Marketing Data Hub that gives marketers business ready data that makes sense. This means data that is clean, accurate, and always up to date. The company’s mission is to help marketers to become more data driven. Funnel today helps more than 2000 customers to grow their business – including digital leaders like Home Depot, Havas Media, Samsung and Adidas.

Funnel makes it easy to report marketing performance. It allows marketers to collect data from all platforms across the customer journey: advertising, analytics, and CRM, transform the data with recommended and customizable rules, explore it to find new insights, and send it to visualisation apps or data warehouses. Real-time insights, whenever and wherever marketers need them. Read more at

1) Source: Funnel Customer Database