Autumn in Freiburg: colourful moments to savour in the capital of the Black Forest

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Freiburg enjoys a reputation as the foodie destination in Germany and is also famous for its excellent wines. Relaxation and enjoyment go hand in hand in this Black Forest metropolis.

Immerse yourself in that Freiburg feeling

Diving into Freiburg’s authentic atmosphere is the ultimate in relaxation. Wandering along the Dreisam river and admiring the splendid autumn colours brings a perfect sense of peace and balance to your day. And the Dreisam is not the only thing flowing: there are little streams known as Bächle running all through the streets of Freiburg. You will spot them again and again as you stroll through the city, past some of the loveliest sights. And if you are also on the lookout for warm, sustainable clothing, you are bound to find something in one of the stylish boutiques. Then you can round off the Freiburg experience with some of the regional delicacies and foodie treats the city has to offer.

An explosion of colour in the foodie city

A Freiburg menu with paired wines or delicious, seasonal pumpkin treats: You cannot help but feel good when autumn arrives in the Black Forest capital. Talking of foodie treats: Between 11 and 13 November 2022, Plaza Culinaria in Freiburg is hosting THE biggest lifestyle and food show in the whole of Germany. You can even combine a visit to the show with other activities in Freiburg, many of which have one thing in common: wine.

There are more than 200 regional wines in the Alte Wache. The ‘House of Baden Wines’ is a popular cultural meeting point which also offers tastings and advice on wine. Freiburg gets lots of sunshine, making it perfect for vines, and there are lots of wine-growing estates in the surrounding area. Autumn also sees the opening of the ‘Straußis’, where the winemakers serve their new wines along with other home-made products. They often prepare simple yet delicious Baden specialities, served with the characteristic local hospitality.

As well as all these delicious treats, Freiburg also boasts a culture of art, history and music. Blues fans should note the dates of the Freiburg Blues Festival on 4 to 11 November 2022 in their diaries. The regular concerts and exhibitions also make perfect excuses to visit Freiburg in the autumn.

Autumn walking and relaxation

You can head up to Freiburg’s very own mountain on the Schauinsland cable car and enjoy unique sweeping views across the Rhine plain, the Kaiserstuhl and as far as the Vosges mountains. The path to the top is suitable for more practised hikers.

There are also some lovely country walks through the area around Freiburg, providing an opportunity for walkers to breathe in the autumn air on varied routes at a range of difficulty levels. It is also perfect for wine lovers, with various wine tours including refreshment stops along the way.

After some exciting adventures in the countryside, it is time to relax. And the Keidel Spa in Freiburg is the very place, although there are many others too. A visit to the sauna, a relaxing bath or a good massage is just the ticket. There is something for everyone in Freiburg – especially in the autumn!

With some 230,000 inhabitants, Freiburg offers really relaxed city life and a natural balance for ambitious people. The city has all the variety you could ever want: outdoor activities, a rich cultural heritage and lots of popular pubs and restaurants. Freiburg is all about freedom and individuality, whether on the Schlossberg, at the weekly market or on a stroll around the city.

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How to get to Freiburg
Freiburg is the capital of the Black Forest in the south of Germany. Freiburg is 7.5 hours from London via Paris on the Eurostar, TGV and ICE.