Gambro continues capacity expansion for dialyzers

Gambro continues capacity expansion for dialyzers Stockholm, Sweden, March 24, 2003 Gambro AB (Stockholmsbörsen: GAMBaST, GAMBbST), a leading international medical technology and healthcare company, today announced that it has decided to substantially expand its production capacity of synthetic membrane dialyzers. The investment will add new production lines in Hechingen, Germany. The new plant will enable Gambro to increase its production capacity by five million units annually. The site in Hechingen manufactures dialyzers to both external customers and to Gambro Healthcare clinics in the U.S. and worldwide. Gambro is increasing its capacity to meet the growing demand for its synthetic Polyflux dialyzers worldwide. Deliveries from the new plant will reach the market in about two years. "This is a milestone for Gambro. The increased production capacity supports Gambro's strategy to further develop its globally strong position in hemodialysis, where synthetic membrane dialyzers play an important part," says Alain Granger, President of Gambro Renal Products. "It will strengthen our ability to produce large volumes of high performance dialyzers in a flexible way and at lower costs." Gambro Renal Products The business area Gambro Renal Products has revenues of about USD 1,050 million and includes products and services for hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and acute dialysis that are sold under strong brands. Products include filters, dialysis solutions, monitors, bloodlines, and water treatment equipment. Sales include activities in 90 countries, with own sales operations in 26 countries. Manufacturing takes place in 11 countries with product development centers in Germany, Italy, and Sweden. The total number of employees is about 6,900. Gambro Renal Products ranks second in the world in hemodialysis products, fourth in peritoneal dialysis products and is the world leader in renal intensive care products. The Polyflux dialyzer Gambro's synthetic membrane dialyzer, Polyflux, is an advanced filter for hemodialysis and convective treatments where the selection of membrane structure and polymer materials is of prime importance. The structural arrangement of the membrane with its three-layer design and micro domain surface resembles that of nature's own biological membrane. This means that the immune system and coagulation cascade to a very limited degree are unaffected by blood/ membrane contact. Gambro has been a pioneer in synthetic dialyzers and has established a process to provide varying functional filter requirements from one basic polymer blend on the same process equipment. In combination with other platform technologies this will enable production of large volumes of filters with high and flexible performance, excellent biocompatibility and lower cost. For further information please contact: Bengt Modéer, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, tel. +46-8-613 65 33, +46-70-513 65 33 Pia Irell, Investor Relations Director, Corporate Finance, tel. +46-8-613 65 91, +46-70-513 65 91 Kevin Smith, President Gambro Inc., Investor Relations US, tel. +1-303 231 4750 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: