Gapwaves and Uhnder collaborate on Digital High Resolution Radar

The technology from the two companies will be deployed in a last mile autonomous delivery vehicle.

Gapwaves, a Sweden-based company with patented technology for millimeter wave waveguide antennas, today announced its collaboration with Uhnder to develop a high resolution radar that will be deployed in a last mile autonomous delivery vehicle. Gapwaves is a pioneer within waveguide antennas for millimeter wave frequency applications such as automotive radars and 5G telecom systems. Its technology has received massive industry interest leading to license agreements with Tier 1 automotive radar manufacturers. Gapwaves’ innovative waveguide radar antenna solution enables a wide field of view and high isolation.

Uhnder, an Austin, Texas-based company, has developed a unique digital Radar-on-Chip (RoC), using a combination of advanced CMOS and Digital Code Modulation (DCM) technology. Uhnder's 4D digitally modulated radar chip offers groundbreaking performance by integrating 192 virtual channels onto a single chip and pioneers High Contrast Resolution (HCR), which provides significantly improved range and angular resolution and makes it possible to separate small radar reflectors from proximate large reflectors. This permits a more accurate and safe reaction time than with current radar chip technology and paves the way for advanced ADAS functions for today's vehicles and future driverless vehicles. The Uhnder RoC also has low Interference susceptibility Factor (ISF), making it attractive to deploy as the number of radars per vehicle increases.

The waveguide antennas from Gapwaves are complementary to and integrate well with Uhnder’s Radar-on-Chip (RoC). Together, the two companies will excite the market with a product offering higher resolution, increased signal-to-noise ratio in a very compact form factor.

Gapwaves CEO Lars-Inge Sjöqvist comments:

”Uhnder is breaking new ground with their RoC and 4D radar solution and we are really excited to be part of that. We are already familiar with the high interest for these products from the automotive industry. Now we also see new markets expanding with need for innovative mm-wave radar applications”.

Uhnder CEO Manju Hegde says:

“Gapwaves is a leader in millimeter waveguide antennas and combines some of the most advanced technology for low losses, compact form factors and transitions with sophisticated materials and manufacturing process. We are happy to work with them to take their expertise and capability to production in new markets and applications.”

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About Gapwaves AB
Gapwaves (NASDAQ: GAPW B) originates from research conducted at Chalmers University of Technology and was founded in 2011. Gapwaves vision is to be the most innovative provider of mm-wave antenna systems and the preferred partner to those pioneering next generation wireless technology. By leveraging the disruptive Gapwaves technology we help pioneers in telecom and automotive to create highly efficient mm-wave antenna systems that contributes to re-defining everyday life. Gapwaves markets are e.g. mmWave in 5G telecom and automotive.   

Gapwaves share (GAPW B) is traded at Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stockholm and G&W Fondkommission is appointed Gapwaves AB’s Certified Advisor.

About Uhnder
Uhnder is delivering the industry’s first digital automotive radar using a combination of advanced CMOS and Digital Code Modulation (DCM) technology. Uhnder’s approach and technology promises to transform the automotive industry by changing the way radars work and significantly improving performance with the additional benefits of smaller size, lower power and lower cost. For more information, visit