Nomination Committee for the AGM 2021 appointed

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A nomination committee has been appointed in accordance with the guidelines set at the annual general meeting on 4 May 2017. The nomination committee submit proposals to the AGM 2021 on: 

  • Chairman of the general meeting;
  • Chairman of the board of directors and other board members;
  • Auditor and remuneration of the auditor;
  • Remuneration of the chairman of the board, other board members and for committee work; and
  • Proposals for amendments to guidelines for appointing a nomination committee

The three largest shareholders in terms of voting rights that wish to participate in the nomination committee have the right to appoint a member each. The chairman of the board of directors is also a member of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee for the annual general meeting 2021 consist of:

  • Lars Kongstad, Mannheimer Swartling law firm, appointed by Lars Svensson
  • Fredrik Carlsson, appointed by Svolder AB
  • Jan Särlvik, appointed by Nordea Investment Funds
  • Stefan Jonsson, chairman of the board of GARO AB

Lars Kongstad has been appointed as chairman of the nomination committee.

Shareholders that wish to submit proposals to the nomination committee may do so by email to Proposals have to be submitted no later than 17 March 2021 in order for the nomination committee to be able to process the proposal in a constructive way. This is seven weeks ahead of the AGM which will be held on 5 May 2021.

For further information, please contact the chairman of the nomination committee:
Lars Kongstad, telefon +46 (0)40-698 58 41

GARO develops, manufactures and supplies innovative products and systems for the electrical installations market under its own brand. With a focus on user-friendliness, sustainability and design, GARO takes responsibility for the entire life cycle of its product areas within Electrical distribution products, Project business, Temporary electric installations and E-mobility. 

At year-end, the Group had 420 employees with operations in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland, Poland and Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Sales are divided into GARO Sweden and GARO Other markets. The head office is in Gnosjö, Sweden. Production units are located in Gnosjö and Värnamo, Sweden, and in Szczecin, Poland. GARO is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap. The business concept is “with a focus on innovation, sustainability and design, GARO provides profitable complete solutions for the electrical industry.”


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