Genetic Analysis AS achieves Thai FDA License for GA-map[®] Dysbiosis Test in Thailand

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OSLO, NORWAY – 19 January 2023: Molecular diagnostics specialist, Genetic Analysis AS (“GA”) are happy to announce that Thailand Food and Drug Administration (“Thai FDA”) authority have granted GA license for the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test in Thailand. GA has, in cooperation with its distributor Hausen Bernstein Co. Ltd. (“HB”) filed for regulatory approval of the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test in 2022, and we are happy to announce that the test has now been approved by the Thai FDA authorities for Clinical use in IBS and IBD patients. HB plans to launch the GA-map from their molecular lab in Bangkok and market the GA-map® products in wider Thailand.

Ronny Hermansen, CEO, Genetic Analysis, comments:
“GA is proud to announce that Thai FDA authorities have approved the GA-map Dysbiosis Test. A regulatory approval will enable the doctor/specialist to use the Dysbiosis test for clinical diagnostic use in IBS and IBD patients. The GA-map® platform will enable Hausen Bernstein to supply the highest quality microbiome tests in Thailand”.

The market demand for gut microbiome assessments is rapidly increasing globally in private healthcare services, medical clinics, and academic research with a focus on identifying and categorizing the patients microbiota. Together with HB, GA can now offer its Thai FDA-approved standardised gut microbiome testing platform to the Thai market to meet the growing interest and raise awareness of dysbiosis.

Dr. Banlang Luangwaranan, CEO, Hausen Bernstein, comments:
"HB are happy to announce that the GA-map Dysbiosis Test has received a Thai FDA license and that the GA-map Dysbiosis Test now will be available for clinical diagnostic use. We see that the focus on our Microbiome balance is rapidly increasing as people experience more and more gut-related problems. GA-map will be a great complement to our growing business of food allergy testing. The core value of HB is to offer the highest quality products to our customers, and we are proud to add GA-map to our portfolio of high-end products.”

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Ronny Hermansen, CEO

About Hausen Bernstein Co. Ltd.:
Hausen Bernstein Co was founded in 2003 and is a fast-growing medical technology company with core focus on supplying the highest standard products, services, and technical support to the Thai health care system. Hausen Bernstein are also distributing products from more than 20 renown suppliers from Europe, US, Japan, Singapore, and China.

On the diagnostic side (IVD), products are covering areas within autoimmune diseases, allergy diagnostic testing, point of care testing for respiratory infections, gastrointestinal disease, food intolerance tests and vector-borne disease. Also, molecular diagnostic testing in infectious diseases and cancer diagnosis. Other than IVD products, Hausen Bernstein provides unique medical devices for the health and wellness sector.

Hausen Bernstein products are positioned as the highest standard products in each field, and our customers are the top ranked health care units in Thailand, medical schools, renown private hospitals and hospital chains and private labs. The sales team covers the whole territory of Thailand.

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About Genetic Analysis:
Genetic Analysis AS (GA) is a science-based diagnostic company and pioneer in the human microbiome field with more than 10 years of expertise in research and product development. The unique GA-map® platform is based on a pre-determined multiplex targets approach specialized for simultaneous analysis of a large number of bacteria in one reaction. The test results are generated by utilizing the clinically validated cutting edge GA-map® software algorithm. This enables immediate results without the need for further bioinformatics work. GA’s vision is to become the leading company for standardized gut microbiota testing worldwide, and GA is committed to help unlocking and restoring the human microbiome through its state-of-the-art technology. GA employs
a team of highly qualified employees with scientific backgrounds and competence in bioinformatics, molecular biology, and bioengineering.

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