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  • Net Trading Group AB: Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ) informs about new agreement with Amazon EU for Lightcircle.

Net Trading Group AB: Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ) informs about new agreement with Amazon EU for Lightcircle.

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Lightcircle har entered into a 12-month agreement with Amazon EU Launchpad which is an invite only exclusive program reserved for selected up and coming brands. 

The agreement entails that Amazon provides a team to support Lightcircle in launching our products into the 6 European markets, and will employ Fulfilment by Amazon to those markets.

Amazon EU Launchpad assists Lightcircle in rolling out and increasing revenue over the next 12 months. Some of the benefits as part of the agreement are:

  • Amazon Launchpad storefront placement 
  • Promotions - We help you build a promotion strategy and offer limited free deals propagated to Amazon Launchpad Deals page. 
  • List your products on Amazon’s all six European marketplaces.
  • Translations – Our dedicated team will provide high quality manual translations of your listings so you can expand them easily to the other EU marketplaces

Lightcircle is now in a process to VAT register in Germany in support of this, as Germany will be our main hub for EU fulfilment. We`re working on getting everything into place by end of April/early May, so that marketing and sales can ensue by the middle of May.

Lightcircle is also proud to announce that we have received approval for Registered Trademark for KOKONGÒ for the entire EU from The European Union Intellectual Property Office.
This further strengthens the commercial value of our products considering they will be sold in multiple channels and now also rolling out into these EU markets.

«It has been part of the plan to begin in Germany all along, but with this invitation and agreement, and the plan and support from Amazon EU means the time was right to take the opportunity as we also need to build revenue moving forward» says Chairman of Net Trading Group and CEO of Lightcircle of Norway, Morten Revill.

For further information, please contact:

Morten Revill, Chairman of Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ)
Telefon: +47 41637272
E-post: morten@lightcircle.io

This information is such information that Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ) is obliged to publish in accordance with the Securities Market Act. The information was submitted, through the agency of the above contact person, for publication on March 18 2021, 08:30.

Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ) is a developer and producer of smart and unique electronic consumer goods. The Kokong series of smart electrical outlets are marketed through the subsidiary Lightcircle AS.

Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ), c/o Mcon AB, Södra Larmgatan 4, 411 16 Göteborg
Tel: +47 416 37 272, www.ntginvestor.se www.lightcircle.io



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