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  • Net Trading Group NTG AB: Lightcircle signs commercial partner agreement with Chargehome Technology Scandinavia AB

Net Trading Group NTG AB: Lightcircle signs commercial partner agreement with Chargehome Technology Scandinavia AB

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Lightcircle, a subsidiary of Net Trading Group NTG AB (’NTG’), has entered into a commercial partner agreement for the sale of its products with Chargehome Technology Scandinavia AB (’Chargehome’), a Swedish technology provider specialising in electric vehicle charging solutions.

Chargehome offers charging solutions, charge boxes, smart energy solutions and payment solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. Chargehome collaborates with select electrical installation companies specializing in electric vehicle charging and servicing across Sweden. Chargehome is a holistic provider for private consumers, businesses, property owners, housing associations and public areas. 

"By offering a complete solution for “Charging at Home”, Chargehome actively contributes to electrification and smart homes in Sweden. One of the key components to achieving this is collaborating with Nordic, pioneering suppliers within their respective niches. We consider Lightcircle to be a future leader within smart and fire preventive power outlets with a focus on innovative technology, quality and customer user experience,” says Ronald Domelid, CEO of Chargehome

“Together with Chargehome, Lightcircle will be able to offer our products, including electrical installation, to Swedish property owners, consumers and organisations. The agreement will focus on our Evolve smart sockets for electric and hybrid vehicles, but also Kokong E for the growing micro mobility market, consisting of electric bikes and scooters.” says Morten Revill, CEO of Lightcircle.

For additional information, please contact:

Morten Revill, CEO - Lightcircle AS

Telefon: +47 41637272

E-mail: morten@lightcircle.io

E-mail: ir@ntginvestor.se

Net Trading Group NTG AB (Trading Symbol: NTGR) is a holistic Nordic ESG company owning unique technologies related to energy production and energy saving via Rock Energy and Lightcircle, respectively. Our technology enables us to follow the power through the entire circuit - from our power plants to our smart and unique electrical outlets. By bundling the product mix of both Rock Energy and Lightcircle, larger developers can now source energy in areas where there is no network, thus reducing the concerns surrounding unpredictable energy costs and unstable or overloaded grids.

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