Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ.) and potential Reverse Takeover

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With reference to earlier Press Release of 19th of May, NTG informed that the Company would try to find suitable business/company for a “reverse takeover”. This in order to avoid a liquidation and de-listing of NTG AB.

The parties, NTG and the target company, agreed to enter into a LOI (letter of intent) before June 15, and later finalize the agreement in both companies conditioned upon the approval from the extraordinary general meeting.

Due to the latest days inexplicable rising in NTG`s stock price on the NGM-stock exchange, the parties have today decided to postpone the reverse takeover process. The parties can not defend the current market cap of NTG AB, hence the “new” combined company total market cap.

The Nomination Committee proposes that the Annual General Meeting on June 29 decide on re-election of current Board members, Thommy Nilsson, Petter Sørlie and Erik Andersch. The auditor proposes re-election of Lars-Ola Jäxvik and the deputy auditor re-election of Roger Mattsson.


Net Trading Group NTG AB


For further information, please contact:
Morten Hansson, VD, Net Trading Group NTG AB,
tel: +47 908 44 078,


This information is such information that Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ) is required to disclose in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Securities Market Act. The information was submitted for publication on June 11, 2020, through the care of the above contact person.

Net Trading Group NTG AB (publ) har etablerat en e-handelsplattform för försäljning av FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) såsom konfektyg, godis, läsk, snacks, vitaminer, hälsokost, djurgodis och andra närrelaterade produkter. NTG har startat upp ytterligare en verksamhet på Åland, Finland, där NTGs produkter är attraktiva. NTGs målsättning är att bli den primära e-handelsplattformen för FMCG till den nordiska marknaden. NTG är verksamt i Sverige, Norge och Finland under MaxGodis. Se och

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