Net Trading Group NTG AB capitalisation update

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Net Trading Group NTG AB (’NTG’) completed a SEK 7 million Private Placement, as announced on Friday, 4 June 2021.

“We are pleased with the result of the Private Placement and are encouraged by the feedback NTG received during the process. The last nine months have been very busy at NTG with the acquisitions of both Lightcircle and Rock Energy, which have not only changed our corporate direction, but created new opportunities for substantial growth within the future of sustainability. These opportunities require additional growth capital and NTG is actively exploring various alternative capital sources that optimally match these opportunities, subject to approval. We are confident in our current capital and liquidity situation as well as the outlook to secure further growth capital in the medium- and long-term, supporting the internationalisation of our businesses.” says Reidar Michaelsen, Chairman of the Board for NTG.

For additional information, please contact:

Reidar Michaelsen

Tel: +47 930 58 995


Net Trading Group NTG AB (Trading Symbol: NTGR) is a holistic Nordic ESG company owning unique technologies related to energy production and energy saving via Rock Energy and Lightcircle, respectively. Our technology enables us to follow the power through the entire circuit - from our power plants to our smart and unique electrical outlets. By bundling the product mix of both Rock Energy and Lightcircle, larger developers can now source energy in areas where there is no network, thus reducing the concerns surrounding unpredictable energy costs and unstable or overloaded grids.

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