Geveko deems seasonal funding to be secured

Geveko’s business is seasonal which generally leads to need for increased working capital in the first half of the year.

The seasonal liquidity is now deemed to be secured through loans from creditors and from related parties.

The following loans have been raised from related parties:

SKr 10 million, Hammarplast AB, whose CEO David Bergendahl is board member of Geveko. SKr 1 million, Finn Johnsson, Chairman of the board of Geveko. SKr 0.5 million, Göran Eklund, CEO of Geveko and Stefan Tilk, Board member of Geveko, SKr 0.3 million.

Göteborg, Sweden May 24, 2013

AB GEVEKO (publ)

For further information please contact
Göran Eklund, CEO and Managing Director
Phone: +46 31 17 29 45, +46 727 32 50 54

The information provided in this report is such that AB Geveko is required to publish in accordance with the Act concerning the Securities Market and/or the Act concerning Trading in Financial Instruments. This information was released for publication on May 24, 2013 at 13.50 a.m.

AB GEVEKO (publ) Company registration no: 556024-6844 P.O. Box 2137
SE-403 13 Göteborg, Sweden Tel: +46 (0) 31 172945

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Facts in brief Geveko is Europe’s leading road-marking company with strong brand names and positions on most markets. The business is focused on the production and sale of road-marking products and contract road-marking services. Cross-border operation involving various units boosts the Group’s competitive position and helps to improve productivity and profitability. Geveko offers environmentally friendly and innovative products of high quality with the aim of creating a safer road environment which is in harmony with Geveko’s mission and business concept to play an active part in road safety programmes in Europe. For more information please visit

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