GF Piping Systems provides complete process control loop for water and waste water treatment

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GF Piping Systems' complete solutions of innovative valves, actuators, sensors, displays and controllers take over an integral role for the growing needs of water conservation in the water and waste water treatment industry. They increase productivity around the water cycle by raising efficiency and lowering overall costs and use of resources.  

One complete process control solution provider

The water treatment market is faced with several critical issues with increasing urbanization and global warming, resulting in one of the biggest concerns, namely water scarcity. Process Automation has an integral role within the growing need for water conservation.

Depending on the application area, there are different challenges in water treatment processes, ranging from guaranteeing high water qualities and providing reliable measurements to assuring stringent regulations. GF Piping Systems, as one single provider, offers a wide spectrum of process automation solutions ideal for the water and waste water treatment: a premium product range of valves, sensors, displays and controllers specifically customized to customer needs, under one common aesthetic, on the same platform.

Modular set-up allows flexible combinations

"Our products are simple to operate, have intuitive menu structures and can be upgraded modularly," says Sandra Schiller, Head of Global Product Management Industry at GF Piping Systems. 

Valves are designed to deal with almost any condition in the field GF Piping Systems' wide choice of material we can offer a solution for almost all chemical resistance needs. Highly flexible with modular actuation and accessory options. Globally suitable due to a large variety of connection standards. The combination of the right valve selection and a high product quality leads to a favorable total cost of ownership.

Besides the standard on/ off operation with the modular set-up, the actuated valves can be updated to control valves. State of the art position feedback across the range can be taken for granted. Even a sustainable energy independent solution is available with the full plastic pressure regulating valves. The design, select and easy installation system for fittings provides a complete solution and ensures an intuitive and unified user experience.

Accurate measurement as basis for reliable process control throughout the automation process

The measurement offer covers flow, pH, conductivity, level, temperature and various water quality parameters. Corresponding to the piping systems, most sensors are available in plastic and are therefore highly resistant to chemicals. Plug-and play measurement products are self-explanatory, easy to maintain and offered with suitable installation fittings. 

Clever design makes life easy. All measurement parameters can be connected with only one transmitter. Additional functionalities like batch control or communication technologies can be added anytime. The system's control products are simple to operate, have intuitive menu structures and can be upgraded in modules. 

One partnership with unified vision towards active water conservation

"The higher efficiency around the water cycle is attributed to the complete solution being provided by one partner, saving resources and costs at the same time," further states Schiller.  "This is one more step supporting the UN sustainable development goals for clean water and sanitation, sustainable industrialization and responsible consumption, for all of us."

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