How water loss affects the world - Thought leaders discuss water preservation

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GF Piping Systems kicks off its 'Solving water loss for life' webcast series this November to highlight the challenge of global water loss, water scarcity, and the solutions available to help overcome it.

The International Water Association estimates that 345 billion liters of water are lost by utilities worldwide every day. Climate change clashing with outdated infrastructures, missing knowledge about the location of networks, and the lack of awareness for possible improvements all add up. The consequences include the loss of precious resources at great costs for utilities and affected regions.

Driven by solving water loss for life, GF Piping Systems, the leading water network performance provider, along with urban developers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, will discuss solutions to make the water supply more sustainable. The six-webcast series titled "Solving water loss for life" will start November 30.

"What effects does climate change have on the water supply around the world? Which regions are affected, and how? How do utilities react? Together, experts spanning economics, science, and society will deal with these questions to begin the discussion series," says Jens Frisenborg, Head of Business Unit Industry & Utility at GF Piping Systems. "First, we all have to understand the current water supply situation in the countries; then we can seriously talk about solutions."

Moderated by water activist Andrew Walker, the first webcast entitled 'How water loss is affecting the world' will feature:

  • Stuart Hamilton Chair of the Water Loss Specialist Group at the International Water Association IWA and Head of NRW Development at Miya Water
  • Rodrigo Riquelme, Water and Sanitation Lead Specialist from the Inter-American Development Bank
  • Christoph Lüthi, Head of the Department for Sanitation, Water and Solid Waste for Development, EAWAG at Zurich's Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.
  • Olivier Narbey, Senior Business Development Manager, Water Network Performance, GF Piping Systems

The series will be available in English. Upcoming episodes will highlight the innovative technologies and approaches from around the world, how digitalization contributes to solving water losses, and how to bridge the knowledge gap by training the next generation of installers using immersive technology. The series will include real-life scenarios faced by customers, live from the trenches, and bring together the brightest minds to discuss future solutions for ensuring water sustainability.

Sign up today to learn more about how GF Piping Systems is solving water loss for life, and to view the first episode in the webcast series on November 30:

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