How to Choose the Right Hose

Gilmour has a variety of hoses to support watering activities season after season. Below are some tips to help guide your audience when shopping for a new hose.


  • Measure the farthest distance that needs watering from the spigot and look for a hose just a little bit longer.
  • Purchase a hose of the proper length to help prevent unnecessary tugging and stretching.
  • Gilmour’s quick connectors are great for connecting two hoses when you need extra length for large areas.


  • Standard household piping is typically ½” in diameter; so for most people a hose no larger than ½” in diameter is ideal. When a hose is too wide, the water flow is reduced and unnecessary weight is added.
  • For heavy-duty watering tasks and wider piping like commercial landscaping, a ¾” diameter is best because it allows more water to be delivered and helps compensate for water pressure variables.


  • The higher the PSI burst pressure rating, the stronger the hose.
  • Brass and steel couplings on the end of Gilmour hoses allows them to better withstand drops on the driveway and everyday wear and tear.
  • Gilmour’s Flexogen Super Duty Hose features a patented construction that helps prevent kinking and improve durability.
  • Look for a lifetime warranty.

Gilmour hoses are available in a variety of lengths and diameters to help with precise watering no matter what the task.

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