Quick Fixes to Repair a Damaged Hose

Just because a hose is torn, crushed or leaking, doesn’t mean it needs to be entirely replaced. It’s possible that the problem spot can instead be easily fixed at a fraction of the cost. The following Gilmour accessories can help bring a damaged hose back to life in a few simple, do-it-yourself steps.  

  1. O-ring Seals
    If there is a leak coming from the connection between the hose and nozzle, it may be a sign that a new seal is needed. Seals line the inside of the end of the hose (the coupling) and are designed to provide a tight and leak-resistant connection. Over time, seals can dry and crack, causing water to leak. Simply grabbing pliers, removing the old seal, and inserting a new O-ring can restore an airtight connection, stopping the leak.

  2. Compression Mender
    Repairing a tear in the middle of a hose can be equally simple. It’s as easy as cutting out the damaged section, slipping the freshly-cut ends of the hose into either side of the compression mender, and twisting into place – no tools required. This small fix can make what was once a leaky hose good-as-new.

  3. Compression Couplings
    If the end of the hose is crushed or damaged, consider replacing the coupling. Cutting off the old coupling, sliding a new one onto the end of the hose, and tightening the connection can do the trick. This fix only takes minutes and spares the cost of buying a replacement hose; no tools are required.

To see a video tutorial of these fixes, click here

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