Watering Tools and Tips for New Homeowners

Investing in quality watering and cleaning tools will help new homeowners keep up with many tasks home ownership entails. Gilmour’s durability, efficiency, and control features make watering more enjoyable and less frustrating no matter the scope of the project.

  • A clean gutter is the first line of defense against water damage. A Super Duty Thumb Control Cleaning Nozzle from Gilmour makes clearing packed gutters more manageable with its slip-resistant design and thumb control feature that adjusts water flow without needing to squeeze a trigger.
  • A Power Jet Wand delivers a concentrated stream that is 12% more powerful than traditional cleaning nozzles, making it a great tool to blast dirt and grime of the deck and siding to maintain that new-home look.
  • Every homeowner needs a reliable hose. The Flexogen Super Duty Hose makes completing lawn, garden, deck, and driveway tasks easier, as its patented 8-layer construction maximizes durability and gives it the flexibility to curve without kinking when moving around the yard.

  • A healthy landscape increases curb appeal. An 8-Pattern Front Control Watering Wand allows homeowners to tailor the watering pattern for hard-to-reach plants and hanging baskets, while its front lever requires 4X less the effort than the standard rear control.
  • Picking the correct size or type of sprinkler doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Gilmour’s lawn size calculator makes finding the right product easy, as it uses satellite imagery to measure lawn square footage to match with the appropriate size sprinkler for the desired space.