Gjensidige Bank ASA: New senior unsecured SEK bond and buy-back in GJEB17 PRO

Gjensidige Bank ASA today issued SEK 200 million in a new senior bond. The bond has floating interest rate and maturity date 27 October 2022.

Gjensidige Bank ASA has at the same time repurchased nominal NOK 230 million in GJEB17 PRO, ISIN NO0010679301 from the market.

Facilitator was DNB Markets.

This information is subject to disclosure under Oslo Stock Exchange's ABM rules.

Contact persons, Gjensidige Bank ASA:
Head of Treasury: Tor Egil Nedrebø, Tel: +47 406 25 367
Head of Investor Relations: Janne Flessum, Tel: +47 915 14 739

Gjensidige Bank ASA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA.