Gjensidige Bank ASA: Successful issuance of Tier 2 bond

Gjensidige Bank ASA refers to the announcement on 6 September 2018, and the bank has today issued a new Tier 2 bond issue of NOK 100 million. The Tier 2 bond issue has a coupon of 3 months NIBOR + 1.35% p.a. The issuer has a first call option after 5 years, subject to an approval from the Norwegian FSA.

Facilitator was Nordea.

Contact person, Gjensidige Bank ASA:
Head of Treasury: Tor Egil Nedrebø, Tel: +47 406 25 367
Head of Investor Relations: Mitra Hagen Negård, Tel: +47 957 93 631

Gjensidige Bank ASA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA