PRESS RELEASE: Glaston announces another four more FC500™ orders for UK market during Q1 2014

Glaston Corporation              Press release                                             April 29, 2014


PRESS RELEASE: Glaston announces another four more FC500™ orders for UK market during Q1 2014

For Q1 2014, Glaston won yet another four premium FC500™ tempering furnace orders for delivery to the UK. These orders followed four earlier FC500™ orders placed by UK companies during 2013. According to Steve Brammer, Glaston’s sales manager for the UK and Ireland, these new agreements represent a significant market rebound in the UK, as the confidence of glass processors is continuing to increase when it comes to making larger investments in new, advanced glass processing machinery. 

Glaston FC500™ features a special top recirculation convection and bottom compressed air convection innovation protected by US and European patents that help it stand out as the industry’s premier furnace. This technology heats the glass from above and below. Hot air jets that are recycled and pressurized heat upper glass surface; air taken from outside the furnace and pressurized by a compressor heats the bottom glass surface. 

Not only does the furnace produce extremely high quality tempered glass to match the toughest market demands, it also increases production capacity by up to 40% while consuming 30% less energy of a conventional tempering furnace. Glaston takes pride in these unique technological solutions, as they allow the furnace to be a first in its class in many respects. 

Designed specifically to eliminate uneven heat transfer, Glaston FC500™ makes it easy for operators to select the right heat setting for their production. A new automatic roller heat control (RHC) automatically adjusts the bottom heat level to eliminate disturbances caused by the roller heat. Using an array of sensors as the glass enters the line, the furnace determines the size, shape and location of the glass through the dynamic load pattern recognition (DLP) system. This data is then used to automatically generate a heating profile for each load, boosting higher capacity through automated glass production. Glaston’s iControL™ automation system allows the Glaston FC500™ furnace to process an extremely wide range of high-quality glass that meets the most demanding standards internationally.


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